Dean L. Michel - USA. 14.04.90

username: V1n(ent

Emily - USA. 1W0.08.96


Sam - USA. 02.03.62


Simon - USA. 23.12.99

username: Forest_Welder69

Dorsey Layton - USA. 28.09.91

username: Gray_Knight

Born: Baltimore.

Dorsey is a rich brat. Son of wealthy parents. Untouchable. He acts like he's above it all. I like him the most from all others though, I don't know why.

Almo Kurjak - Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, now Bosnia. 13.04.82

username: Hamerwic

Born: Sarajevo. Current location: unknown.

Ahmo is a muslim. Plays a lot of games and is addicted to gambling. Very smart but wants to walk on the edge. The game is like the ultimate gambling experience for him. Hazard's heaven. He doesn't hesitate to put his life on the line if there is a tasty reward. He is a master poker face though, that's how he got to the top.

Esther Posse - Sweden. 12.03.74

username: Magi223

Member of the European Council.

Esther Posse. The Void. Dread personified. Living hell. Bitch. She is a member of the European Council. Very powerful woman, but she can never get enough. She plays dirty, never believe her anything.

Janny Willberg - USA. 09.08.98

username: franthicc

Gregory - USA. 19.02.95

username: franthicc

Umi Sichinga - Malawi. 25.11.86

username: the shadow

Umi Sichinga from Malawi. 18 years in the states. 34 years old. No relatives. Has no left leg from the knee down. Albino. Blood type B+. Wears a prosthetic leg. Has traveled through Europe and Africa.