to one of the most exciting places on the Dark Web. This is a place for those who are not afraid to take risks, and who thrive on the thrill of the unknown. Here, you will find a community of like-minded individuals who are ready to live as predators because they know that the only other option is to be a pray. But be warned, the bets placed and deals made here cannot be invoked by any reason.


For all communication use your connection. You can find the in your right bottom corner. Never share any of the information provided from your connection to anybody. You will get all additional information about your challanges, rewards and penalties from your connection.


target #23

Annalise Hazel: 38 years old, born: Bielefeld/Germany
Current location: 44.793827520506134, 20.48237866568201.
OPEN CALL: any member in 200km radius to pass recruitment application to their connection.


D-Cacoozo: Nicee

Blo98er: Imma apply for this one.

troggz: You cannot apply for a target, they chose you for a target.

D-Cacoozo: I think you can propose terms to your connection, but the option is available for upper tiers. I think that he means to apply on location.

phrasess: Or you can do the community challanges on the target.

Blo98er:What community challanges?

phrasess:You will get them from your connection when they are up.

Blo98er:I'm thinking of closing up on the location and applaying.

D-Cacoozo:Location application is usually denied if you are not true local.

Blo98er:Still worth it.