and congratulations! You are 2nd tier now. Here you can find challanges that are riskier and the prizes tastier. From this tier you can participate in community challanges like the one bellow. Feel free to get involved with the community and apply with your results through your connection. For the personal challanges and 'Versus' games you will have on disposal all the personal information collected from the tier bellow. When in versus mode request particular information about a bellow tier member through your connection.


For all communication use your connection. You can find the in your right bottom corner. Never share any of the information provided from your connection to anybody. You will get all additional information about your challanges, rewards and penalties from your connection.

The return of the wolf


Find a stray dog of big size.

Feed them 3.5 kg/8 pounds of raw bloody veal a day.

Spray the meat with 20 grams of sodium bicarbonate.

Spray it with 2-Nonenal solution.

Feed the dogs this diet for 40 days.

Starve the dogs for 4 days.

Release the dogs in town center.



challange rating:

Fugaru: 2 bronze badges and 24 bitcoins. I can do 6 dogs and I’m gold badge.

Slavmonkdrinktea: If you have gold badge do you need just 1 dog to get next tier?

Ibusku_0227: If you have gold badge you need either bronze or silver badge on this challenge to make next tier. You will get the coins if you manage 1-2 or 3-5 approved entries. In case you don’t have any badge, with 40+ entries you get in the next tier.

Slavmonkdrinktea: What the hell is 2-Nonenal?

Ibusku_0227: 2-Nonenal is an unsaturated aldehyde. The odor molecule released when omega-7 fatty acids dissolve. Basically it's old people smell.


target #62

Chan Ai: 11 years old, born: Longxi Residential District/ Chongqing/ China
Current location: 29.590695602067488, 106.51701928738267
OPEN CALL: any member in 140km radius to pass recruitment application to their connection.